And great service, the best of two worlds. A perfect fit for diverse travel interests.


We combine the striking beauty of our National Park, close contact with Nature, deluxe accommodations, the experience of being at home in our houses and log cabins with a wide range of outdoor activities and services.

We offer a wide range of outdoor activities and services. You can horseback ride and hike within the property, through wonderful mountain trails (that also link to the National Park trail network); ideal grounds for birdwatching as well. Our lake options go from swimming on warm days - even swimming with our horses! – to paddling our sea-kayaks and duckies (inflatable kayaks), combining hikes with our boat rides or fly fish at the lake. And all this, without leaving the property.

Our horses are very well trained by our horsewhisperer guide who takes you into different great riding options.

As for hiking, many options of different lengths and difficulty lead to various kinds of landscape with waterfalls, hilltops and scenic points with stunning views. We are right on Road 40 and on the Huella Andina hiking trail, being the perfect deluxe hotel on the way to stop for a quality rest and more adventure still.

Professional massages, healing and Yoga are the perfect complement to the activities and provide a special interest for the least active accompanying your travel group.

In Winter we can assist you with different programs, Alpine and Nordic skiing, ski tickets, special guided tours, ski lessons and equipment rental. We are located just 35 minutes from the major ski resort in South America – Mt Catedral – accessed through an extremely scenic drive around Gutiérrez Lake. Depending on weather conditions, at Peuma Hue you can do the same activities as during the summer. Horseback rides are stunningly beautiful in the snow, paddling on the silent silver lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks is mesmerizing, we offer some snowshoes but usually just good waterproof trekking boots are enough to walk in the enchanted forest.

Located in North Patagonia, this eco-resort and mountain lodge embeds all the elements Patagonia has to offer in the most amazing scenery: 500 acres of a privileged location within the Lake District and the Nahuel Huapi National Park, 2 miles of lakeshore at the foot of a steep mountain, pristine forests, creeks and waterfalls, 120 acres of valley and forest for calm wandering; all within our property allowing all kinds of activities with no need for transfers.

Outside the Estancia, other activities are also easy to arrange, such as rafting and kayaking Río Manso, fly fishing Manso and Limay rivers, longer horse rides or guided treks in the area around Peuma Hue, mountain biking close by bordering other lakes, rock and ice climbing in surrounding mountains and many scenic excursions within the National Park and neighboring Parks as well. Either traditional or tailored to your specific interest and expertise, we will assist you with a very personalized service and deep knowledge of this main mountain destination in Argentina and all its possibilities.


Horseback riding at Peuma Hue

Stunning views and different levels of expertise for riders are offered within 500 acres of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Peuma Hue, a beautiful eco-resort in North Patagonia and close to the town of Bariloche, is located within the National Park, at the foot of south Catedral range and on 2 miles of lakeshore. We cover flat terrain within the valley, mountain terrain up the surrounding slopes, forest; and our horses – incredibly trained by a horsewhisperer, Chris Barrett – even swim in the lake with our guests, marveled by the opportunity of living such wonderful experiences with an animal friend.

Our rides start at our stables, where our guide picks up the suitable horse for each guest; saddles them and provides the necessary equipment (helmet and half chaps) for each guest. After checking expertise and providing instructions, rides set off into different directions according to the level of expertise and previous rides. We adapt to different ages and levels of expertise - from beginners to experts – with different riding trails.

Chris Barrett, our horse-whisperer guide and head of the group of our guides, grew up among horses, riding and learning from them. But not being that enough, she devoted her life to understand them better, to become one of the best of their leaders and an animal communicator. She´s locally the one who has set the basic procedures for the safety issues in horseback riding in the region, is one of the best trainers in the area and is renowned for her horse skills.

Many of our guests – who had been owning horses and riding throughout their lives – commented they had learned more in a single day at Peuma Hue than throughout their lives breeding or riding horses. Chris, and her crew, are in absolute charge of every single aspect of our horses; feeding, taking care of their health, shoeing them and training them in her very unique and loving way, deeply communicating with them. She has trained our horses in a way that they meet all types of expertise, from novices to real experts and chooses the one who suits each of our guest’s personalities. Used to different terrain, they thrive galloping on the plains and beaches, climbing steep stuff, swimming in the lake, wading creeks, wandering through the forest in horse treks. She picks up different itineraries suited for different kinds of expertise, ranging from 1 hour to 4 or 5 hour rides and covering completely different terrain that this magical and varied land offers.

We take groups up to 7 guests per ride, due to safety reasons. Horses roam freely around the Lodge, and guests are thrilled not only to ride them but to walk over to pet, feed and share some time with them. On beautiful sunny summer days, our guests indulge riding and swimming with our wonderfully trained horses in our lake!

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Trekking at Peuma Hue

Peuma Hue is a paradise for those who love hiking and trekking. A large variety of trails cross pristine forest, ancient rocks, gorges, hilltops and stunning waterfalls with beautiful views over the Gutiérrez and Mascardi lakes and facing ancient mountain fold. Various trails leading to different waterfalls are available and you can link all these trails and waterfalls in longer options. You can also choose peaceful walks through the valley under ancient trees and forests. Walk or hike from just some minutes to a full day or link to the largest trekking network in Argentina, just behind our mountain, with no need for transfers!

This is one of the few places on Earth where waters are so clean and pure that you can safely drink out of a waterfall or a creek!

Peuma Hue is also strategically located on the Huella Andina long distance trail; a chain of trekking paths, shelters and a myriad of services on the backbone of the North Patagonian Andes. The estancia is the ideal deluxe Lodge to relax and enjoy other multiple outdoor activities on your way or to take it as a base to parts of the Huella Andina trek. And what a golden closing we offer if you choose to finish it here!

Just within our property or adjacent to it, our guests have wonderful personal experiences not only due to the wonderful views, great and challenging hikes but also being in full contact with a peaceful place with a very powerful energy. Drawing in that energy connects people to what’s most valuable within and around; to pristine forest, rocks, ledges, waterfalls, canyons. It is all there in very short distances covered within a few hours of hike. Stand right underneath a huge waterfall that drops in front of you, opens up around you and keeps flowing down in full strength, draining a huge bowl at the end of the Catedral Range; look for the perfect rock that holds your body while watching lakes, forest and waterfalls around you; feel the energy of ancient rocks under ledges; connect with the healing energy of this magical forest; witness the power of nature walking by huge landslides.

There are several options to choose, meeting different interests, lengths and levels of expertise. We will provide you with maps and an explanation highlighting different spots on the path. Trails are marked with ribbons of different colors to make it easier and often our dogs will be your “hiking guides” if you wish. If you would rather have any of us accompanying you, please let us know. >More information


Kayaking, Fishing and Boat Rides at Peuma Hue

The fact that Peuma Hue sits east from the D´Agostini peak and our prevailing winds in Patagonia come from the west most of the year, gives us a privileged location for kayaking, boat rides or fishing, with calm waters at the bay and shores protected by the mountain. Our lakeside is surrounded by native forest, with huge coihue trees extending their arms into the waters, waterfalls running into the lake, sunken trees seen through crystal clear waters and fuchsias and other wild flowers growing along the shore. Paddling on the lake is magical. The views are amazing; the peace strikes your soul. You can paddle as long as you wish, maybe to the facing beaches at the peninsula at Bahía Muñoz, while watching trout jumping in front of your kayak. We invite you to join our magic lake, paddling in our sea-kayaks and duckies (inflatable kayaks), jumping in our boat with our dogs to go on a boat ride and walking back along the shore guided by them; or fishing its calm waters either from our beach and lakeside or at the mouth of some of our creeks running into the lake. Or simply indulge in drawing in the beauty from its shore or swimming in clear water.