Board Room

Next to the Poplar Lodge this building has two multi-purpose rooms and our main kitchen where all our home-made products and our delicious and healthy meals are prepared. One is 18 by 15 feet with a wooden floor and a huge fireplace. Connected to this room, is another that is 625 square feet with restroom facilities for ladies and gentlemen. The lodge´s main kitchen, laundry and storing area complete this facility. This room serves as Dining Room for occasional events.


With a capacity for 70 seated people, wi-fi facilities and other additional services, it holds different events and can be comfortably arranged to meet business needs such as corporate meetings. Throughout the year the board room also serves as a wonderful space for coffee breaks and workshops; tango or flamingo shows, cooking classes; Yoga classes; cocktails, dinners and parties or special events tailored according to specific requests. Its huge windows provide beautiful vistas over the lakefront, valley, mountains and the D´Agostini peak.