Yoga Retreat

-Yoga & Nature retreats in Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer. Minimum of 6 people required.

Enjoy and fully benefit from our Yoga & Nature Retreats, lodging at the magical Estancia Peuma Hue located at the foot of South Mt Catedral. Deluxe accommodations, gourmet and healthy balanced meals, majestic Nature all around. Aimed to provide the best possible context and tools to enhance your experience, learning, general wellbeing and connections, we offer different workshops focusing on certain aspects but always trying to contain a comprehensive approach into every level. Each season offers a unique energy that allows to work on different aspects of your body and mind: in winter we use the snow, the silence; depending on the group, we might go snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing as well. Spring provides lush waterfalls with the snowmelt and life renewing itself; Summer provides fruits and expansion; Fall, impermanence, luminosity, subtleness and variety of colors!

Longer Yoga sessions allow people to go deeper into their practice, aligning with Universal principles. Our mindful walks into the mountains, forest and waterfalls together with breathing and special mindsets, will deepen your connection to Nature, yourself and all around.

Led by our teacher, who is present during the whole workshop to foster a holistic personal and group experience that brings people closer together, allowing them to go deeper, to open up and share what is most valuable to each one. Evelyn Hoter, Coach and Psychotherapist will be present in some of them as well. 4 wonderful days that we hope will gravitate meaningfully in your life.

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