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Menu of activities for the day:

1. Trekking for the morning or afternoon. Picada a muñoz or dagostini waterfall.

2. Trekking all day with food. Picada to jacuzzi waterfall, peuma hue waterfall, little lakes, hilltop viewpoint and klaussen river.

3. Trekking all day along the edge of the cathedral, Frey lagoons and return by boat to Muñoz Bay.

4. Conscious walk along the wild boar path and to a small bay.

5. Kayak to Bahía Muñoz on the lake.

6. Guided Stand Up around the lake.

7. Horseback riding.

8. Equine Connection.

9. Stand up yoga.

10. Yoga in the temple or in nature.

11. Massages with forest aromas.

12. Full day experience with 2 activities and lunch at the restaurant or snack.

Consult for activities. With prior reservation.

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